General Outcomes

To advance students in the areas of creativity, complex problem solving, self-directed learning, and self esteem through the physical act of Skateboarding. The program also serves to develop youth leaders who contribute positively to their community through peer mentorship and service learning.

Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

Students will be knowledgeable in relation to the origins of skateboarding, its relevance to modern culture and its impact in the areas of music, art, design and fashion.

Students will learn how to stay safe and show proper etiquette, while promoting the safety of others.

Once the basic skills of skateboarding are mastered, students will show creativity and self-directed learning as they interpret terrain and adapt to a variety of obstacles.

With introduction to the various aesthetics of skate photography and videography, students will document a classmates personal progression on a skateboard through the two mediums.

Students will utilize elements of art and design to create a cohesive brand that includes both hard goods and apparel.

With mentorship from experts in the field, students will conceptualize a marketing and business plan and develop the promotional material necessary to market their brand. 


The nature of the course is such that students have freedom to adopt skateboarding skills through creative exploration rather than prescriptive instruction. For this reason, a heavy emphasis will be put on creativity and much of the assessment will be formative rather than summative.