Academy presents: Reuben and the Dark

In life, we often find synergies between the arts. Skateboarding and music seem to be forged in a similar fire and at times inextricably linked. On April 21st Reuben and the Dark will be playing a show at Bo's Bar and Stage in Red Deer Alberta, with all profits going to support the work of Academy. The money raised will go a long way in getting boards into the hands of youth who need them and initiating programs in their communities.

Calgary's Reuben and the Dark is a collection of five multi-instrumentalists and vocalists led by Reuben Bullock. The group makes chilling, emotive folk and soul driven by dark, introspective lyrics that explore the duality of misery and joy. Boasting a rare chemistry between all members across western Canada, Reuben and the Dark has emerged organically from Canada's stellar independent scene on the strength of often anthemic compositions that translate the language of emotion into song with haunting clarity.

Academy is grateful to work with such talented artists using their voices to give back to their communities.

Here's a video of Reuben skating the streets of Calgary shot by the talented Mathew Allen